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Let's talk about the product itself and what exactly it can help with.

Eczema & Psoriasis: Commonly associated with steroid creams that never actually fix the route cause of the issues and continue to cause millions of people to suffer.

Dermatitis: Becoming increasingly more common and is effecting millions of people world wide.

Acne: Probably one of the most common skin conditions people suffer from world wide.

Pigmentation & Discolouring: The skin is often caused by UV rays. and if often the price millions pay for a good tan.

Fine lines & Wrinkles: Ageing is inevitable. But, we can slow it down!

Dull, dry, tired looking complexions: The price millions pay for busy life styles, bad diets and lack of sleep.

Drop element here!

Welcome to Snug & Cosy

Introducing the UK's first water proof, tear proof dog bed

Why choose Snug & Cosy

We're experienced- The Snug & Cosy brand has been serving dogs and their owners for over 40 years.

We're local - We manufacture all of our products directly from the HQ in Digbeth Birmingham.

We're ethical - All of our materials are locally sourced and sustainable ensuring we do our bit to look after our planet.

We're a family - Founded by a Dad and son we're quite literally a family run business doing our up most to give your dog the best nights sleep they can have.

Eight Reasons to Choose Amour Skincare for your 30 Day Skincare Transformation

What does Dermatologist Tested mean?

As a team of dermatologists, aestheticians and therapists with qualifications in advance skin science, complete skin aesthetics, diet and nutrition etc, seeing clients in clinic on a daily basis has helped us to create natural skincare to help heal the plethora of skin issues that we constantly see. Working to transform the skin you live in, using natural ingredients from sustainable sources, whatever your skin type. Why pay hundreds even thousands to see a Dermatologist or skin expert when we can do all the hard work for you.

Does your dog prefer to chew their bed instead of sleep in it?

Most do, and its not because it tastes nice. The main reason dogs actually chew through their beds is simply out of boredom or to get attention from their owner. This would also explain why it happens mostly while your sleeping.

Why does our bed stop this happening?

I wish I could say the bed has a doggy TV built in to it that entertains your furry friend while you're sleeping. But I can't. I can say the material we make our beds from is 100% naw proof. 

We use 600D Waterproof Anti-UV PU Coated Oxford fabric. Not only is it naw proof its water proof and easy to clean as dirt just wipes away, stopping your dog from wanting to eat it instead simply sleeping in it. The fabric is that robust it can also be used for tents, back packs and work wear.

With the robust outer layer of the best comes a thick soft inner pad designed for maximum comfort meaning your dog will get the best nights sleep time and time again it's ever had. 

And you can sleep at night knowing that your not going to be out of pocket another £60 in the morning!


Not sure why this bed is any different to any other but my dog doesn't want to eat it, just sleep in it! Well done snug and cosy!


My little Cavapoo Bella loves this bed! It’s actually the first bed she hasn’t been able to bite threw and rip to bits as well. (She’s got through 4 in her short 2 year life!) Very comfy and tough. Highly recommended


The first was taken on 7/6/21 when I first got my repair and renew before I'd started to use it. The 2nd pic was taken today 8/7/21. One month on using repair and renew daily and a little healing miracle cream on stubborn areas. Still not perfect, but compared to what it was it's as close to a miracle as I've ever seen!😁  (Age 53 with galloping Rosacea.) The 2nd picture I'm only wearing eye make-up. No concealer for the first time in 30+ year's. Never thought I'd see the day to be honest.

I had this contact dermatitis for 4 months and still don’t know what caused my skin to erupt like it did. My skin was red raw, sore and inflamed and felt so painful. The only thing that helped was a thick layer of Vaseline but if I didn’t apply this regularly my skin just flared up again. In desperation I trawled the internet and came across Amour and ordered the 3 pots immediately. After 2 days my skin had calmed down and a week later my face is almost back to how it was before the dermatitis and is improving each day. It is a miracle in a pot and I can highly recommend this cream to anyone who is suffering with problem skin. Thank you so much to the Amour Team x

Amazing product. After trying every product, including steroid creams for my eczema around my eyes, the renew and repair cream worked in 3 days!

Only been using this for about 10 days but already see a significant improvement in my skin. I’ve tried lots of different products over the years but nothing has worked as well or as quickly. Amazing.

So I have the worst skin, large pores, fine lines, acne scars. Sensitive skin. I have probably tried every acne product out there. I started reading how actually most acne products like to strip your skin rather than feeding it what it needs, I came across amour and thought right il try this if this doesn't work il just give up. I ordered the set of 3 .. I use the lavender one for my neck which is lovely and soft after using, and I switch between the healing cream and repair and Renew for my face. I've used 3/4 of the repair and Renew now so given it enough time to see if it works. Well it does. Ok I still get the odd hormonal spot but apart from that I no longer get the sore red spots that give you scars, it also made my skin look brighter as it was very dull. Thank you so much will be sticking with this now.

I took the 1st photo on the 8th April the 2nd one today exactly 2 weeks to the day I started using the repair and renew cream. I'm amazed by the results. I have suffered with acne rosacea for over 10 years and this cream has helped so much x.


We're that confident, that if your dog rips it in the first 90 days or less, we will send you a new one free of charge!

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